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2008, July 4th Statement

Let’s celebrate the victory we’ve reached in the Eighth Legal Proceedings (ELP) launched by Italian Authorities against the “Caravan”, group that brought to the reconstruction of (new)Italian Communist Party!

Forward strongly in the socialism propaganda campaign and in the organization campaign!

Let’s reap the fruits of past April election campaign and of the campaign we’ve carried out against the ELP!

Let’s get ready to repel next attacks!

Let’s take advantage of the favourable conditions we’ve got by past July 1st victory in the ELP to strengthen the clandestine structure of (new)Italian Communist Party and to diffuse the struggle to establish socialism!


Thanks to the resistance the comrades of the “Caravan” have opposed the repression and thanks to the solidarity we’ve gained among popular masses with our resistance and with all of our political activity, the Eighth Legal Proceedings against (new)Italian Communist Party “Caravan” started five years ago has failed. Even though the Public Prosecutor Giovagnoli won’t resign himself and he will file an appeal rather than exclusively concentrates on Ninth Legal Proceedings which has already instituted, with the nonsuit entered on past July 1st Italian Authorities have stood back! As had had to do French Authorities when, with the 2006, October 16th decree, they dropped the same charge they had three years before brought against us by instigation of Italian Authorities and on their behalf. French Republic has found too onerous and self-defeating to go through with its engagement. In turn Papal Republic hasn’t got yet ready a lawmaking and judiciary apparatus suitable to outlaw the communist Party. Contradictions in the field of imperialistic bourgeoisie are too acute to manage in adjusting that. Contradictions between bourgeoisie and popular masses get every day acuter and bourgeoisie has to be careful each move it makes. With the collapse of bourgeois left wing the bourgeoisie has got rid of an annoying pebble in its own house but it has lost an agent of its among popular masses. The popular masses remain the “Achilles’ heel” of Papal Republic. The communist Party is more and more strengthening its own bond with popular masses. Here it is our strength’s unending reserve. But this reserve would not come into play if the Party didn’t have a fit line and if it didn’t make it, every day more, flesh and blood in the concrete of the class struggle, thanks to the dialectical materialistic conception which guides its ranks and to the increasing fighting spirit which moves them. Without the resistance of the “Caravan’s” comrades and in the first place of CARC [ Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism ] Party and of ASP [ Association of Proletarian Solidarity ], the popular masses’ solidarity would not have come into play. Without the solidarity of popular masses, of all the organisms, from SLL [Sindacato dei Lavoratori in Lotta ( Struggling Workmen Union )] to Communist Proletarians , and of individuals who have in a thousand ways contributed to the battle against the ELP, the comrades’ resistance would not have been as many effective. That is the dialectic relation between communist vanguard and popular masses which causes to advance the Protracted Revolutionary People’s War which will make Italy a new socialist country, in the scope of the proletarian revolution’s second wave which is advancing all over the world.

That’s the principal story-line in events and forces in field. We have to constantly refer to it in order to face right our difficulties, overcome our limits, correct our errors, find effective solutions to every problem, turn our weak points into strong ones and advance as regards mobilization, front policy and unity of revolutionary forces.

Bourgeoisie doesn’t have a future. The clergy doesn’t have a future. Papal Republic doesn’t have a future. USA imperialism and Israeli Zionist groups don’t have a future. What Ratzinger, Berlusconi and Bossi can offer the popular masses is under the eyes of all. What Prodi, D’Alema, Bertinotti, Epifani and Veltroni had been able to offer, we all have seen. North American imperialism is on the wane and its European and other continents’ satellites and competitors follow it. Still great as their power, their arrogance and the sufferings they inflict on the popular masses in every corner of the world may be, however they may extend their aggressions and their massacres, from Afghanistan to Colombia, from the Philippines to Zimbabwe. Because there is no future for the mankind within the scope of their rule. They can offer nothing good the mankind any more. The communism is the future of mankind and as a light it guides the struggle of popular masses of the whole world: from Nepal to the other countries in which Revolutionary People’s War is in advanced development phase. It guides as well the work we do here in Italy in an increasing number of fronts to mobilize popular masses in the struggle they need to carry out to drop out of economic, political, social, intellectual, moral and environmental decay which the bourgeoisie has led them and seeks every day more to plunge them into.

Our way is long yet, but it is clear and it is the only way will take us away from the quagmire which bourgeoisie has dragged our country in, together with the rest of mankind. The repeating legal proceedings with which the Italian Authorities of all colours have seek to intimidate us and to choke us off for more than twenty years, have strengthened the Party, thanks to its correct orientation. Other legal proceedings, other intimidatory manoeuvres and persecutory operations will follow, they will get worse actually. We say and have to say the truth. Now we are celebrating a victory, but other fights wait for us. A wave of repressive measures is widespread in Italy and in European Union. Bourgeoisie and clergy are frantically promoting the popular masses’ reactionary mobilization. They don’t show other way out of the sufferings their social system inflicts, they don’t show other remedy to speculation, to high cost of living and to the precariousness, but to fling oneself against the immigrants and against whoever else doesn’t resign himself, but to intensify the participation to theirs “unending war on terrorism”. They seek to divide the oppressed people and classes in order to set them one against the other. Hypocritical and unctuous words, expeditions carried out by members of fascist action squads, police operations and “humanitarian interventions”: that is their arsenal. Bourgeoisie and clergy hit anyone who doesn’t resign himself, they hit particularly those who are a promoting centre of the popular masses’ resistance. It is obvious that Authorities keep hitting the communist Party and the “Caravan” of organizations and individuals adjoining somehow it. We’ve therefore to strengthen our ranks and to prepare ourselves for major battles, up to victory.

That’s why our watchword at the moment is to carry out a socialism propaganda campaign and a forces’ organizing collection. Only in the scope of the struggle to establish socialism it’s possible to develop struggles of claims in large and to attain to some extent achievements by them. To fight for establishing the socialism is not a pious aspiration and a faith declaration. It is a concrete activity.

Its concreteness has during last years consisted in defining what socialism consists in against modern revisionists’ deformation and bourgeoisie’s and clergy’s denigration of it; its concreteness has consisted in claiming and enhancing the experience of first socialist countries which have been the mankind’s future whirling dawn; it has consisted in understanding why communist movement had not succeeded in establishing socialism in the most advanced countries, in the most ripe for socialism countries, in imperialistic ones; it has consisted in defining what strategy the communists had to follow and what kind of party they had to build. This task is broadly speaking completed now. The Manifesto Program of (new)Italian Communist Party publication has marked the completion of this phase of the concrete work in order to establish the socialism. To say to be in favour of the establishment of socialism and not to be dealt during last years with these tasks it was to be naive persons or tricksters, to try to be the cunning ones, to think to be cunning ones but actually to waste their own time.

Being in favour of the establishment of socialism concretely means now and in the period directly before us struggling, on the strength of the fixed points we’ve set in the phase which is behind us, to win over the advanced workers and advanced members of other classes of people’s masses to the establishment of socialism. Therefore it consists in building new clandestine Party Committees, in elevating the work level of the ones which have already formed, in  strengthening the Party’s clandestine central structure, in organizing in a widespread way the popular masses’ resistance in every front, in channelling the thousand forms and initiatives of the resistance into the river of the struggle to establish socialism. All other purposes are mere wish or swindles without that. On the contrary, with that all the actions and ideas of resistance acquire meaning and become useful.

The fidelity of the Party to the fulfilment of these tasks is the reason for our victories. It is also the reason for the persecution that has hit and will hit the Party, whatever the face of the Giovagnoli on duty may be, whatever the face of the gloomy figures that personally assume the role of the Torquemada on duty may be.

The struggle against repression, the resistance to repression and the solidarity with organizations and individuals hit by the repression are essential components of the movement to make Italy a new socialist country!


By a correct orientation and a correct line, every victory becomes possible!


Let’s more and more deeply unite to peoples that from end to end of the world are resisting the undeclared extermination war perpetrated by imperialistic bourgeoisie and by the other reactionary forces!


The struggle to make Italy a new socialist country is the necessary context so that the political awareness and the organization of native and immigrated popular masses of Italy grow in large and their struggle for the attainments’ defence and widening and for a respectable and secure job for everybody, their resistance to the progression of the crisis, their struggle against the high cost of living, against speculators and against the Papal Court and the other Authorities that support them, against the fascist and racist activity of fascist action squads members and against the Criminal Organizations, for civilization and welfare develop strongly and successfully!



Let the most advanced workmen, women, young people enlist in the ranks of communist Party, of the organisms of the resistance and of the mass organizations and contribute to the communist movement’s renewal!


Strengthen the central clandestine structure of (new)Italian Communist Party, multiply the number of the clandestine Party Committees and improve their running , develop the work on the four fronts pointed out in the Work General Plan !


Build in every firm, habitation zone, mass organization a clandestine committee of the (new)Italian Communist Party!

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